It’s a fact of life that things do occasionally go wrong! So if things do go wrong for you, you need to know that you have the support that you need to get things sorted out again as soon as possible.

Give our office a ring as soon as possible in the event of a claim, and we will direct you from there.

Even if you need help out of office hours, most insurers now have 24 hour helplines which helps to get things moving quickly (Numbers can be found in your policy booklet). But we are also there to help guide you through the claims process.

Motor Insurance

If another vehicle or property is involved in the incident you should provide the owner with your name, your insurance companies name and your policy number. You should also obtain this information from them. You should not admit any liability at this stage as this could affect your Insurers position when handling the claim.

Most Insurers have recommended approved repairers in the area. But should you not wish to use these repairers the companies would request two estimates from different garages. We would recommend that you do not take your vehicle for repairs before talking to your Insurers.

And with the added benefit of Legal Expenses Insurance you have the added security of knowing that should you need it, solicitors will be appointed to act on your behalf to make a full recovery from the third party (In the event of a non-fault claim).

Home Insurance

Any incident which may result in a claim should be notified as soon as possible to your Insurance company. Most insurers operate a 24 hour help line, the number of which will be provided in your policy booklet.

If the claim involves any form of theft you will need to notify the police immediately and obtain a crime reference number to pass to your Insurance Company.

You will need to obtain estimates to repair any damaged items or written confirmation that the items are beyond repair. If the items are beyond repair you will need to obtain estimates to replace the items. Should they be available you should also forward any original purchase receipts that you may have for the items.

In the event of a larger claim, your insurer may appoint a loss adjustor to manage the claim on their behalf.

In event of a claim you should take any action possible to minimise the loss and prevent any further damage from occurring. For example, following a theft the place of entry should be boarded up to prevent anyone else gaining access.